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Including but not limited to

Services: Services


The development of a preliminary space plan indicating locations of new walls, doors, room titles and areas to be demolished. This layout is based on information from a meeting on site with the tenant and would also incorporate any city requirements.

Our attention to detail ensures that the proposed layout flows well and is highly functional for you and the type of services your business will be providing.


We are skilled at meeting each unique need, and creating spaces that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. We will guide you with selecting the materials, layout, space distribution, interior walls arrangement, etc.

Providing full 2D floor plans & 3D rendering of the space with exact finishes for you to visualize what the final results will be.

Our team is prepared to provide every service necessary to complete your interior design project. You, as our client, and your vision, remain at the heart of all interior plans we propose–always. Our partnership starts and ends with communication so that we exactly capture the mood of the space you envision.


As a one-stop general contracting company, we can oversee and simplify the entire project process. For the past years we have worked on many numbers of project in different fields and only working with the best and the most efficient sub-contractors to complete all jobs in a professional, on-budget and most importantly on-time. 

We at DSP Design Build are very upfront with the pricing of each project, outlining every single phase in details so our clients are not surprised with any unexpected costs during or after construction. At every stage of the construction, we co-ordinate with the client on site or off site for any last minute changes or any alternative solutions that will effect the final result in a positive way. 

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